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Hey Ollie - Just wanted to give you a quick shout about the bags. You know I bought 2 (Trigonal Gear Bags) of them when they first came out...One for me and one for my 12 yr old son who is just getting into kali...Well, these things are awesome! Super high quality, and durable. It's the best gear bag I've got. We've trucked these all over Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota since we've gotten them. Mine lives in the truck when not in use, so it isn't getting treated nicely! It still looks new. These are also very comfortable for hiking out to train. I've got mine loaded down with enough gear for a couple people to use for a session...and it is easy to carry. The shoulder strap is big enough to fit me, but then I can cinch it down small enough for any of my kids to carry it.

Justin S. (WY)

Just wanted you to know that I got my gear bag in the mail today.  Ollie, the craftsmanship, appearance, and quality are second to none.  Lots of room for my equipment along with a handy pocket on the inside and outside of the gear bag...the strap makes for very easy and comfortable transporting of equipment inside and the zipper/lock option seals things all up nice and neat.

Enclosed, I want to express how happy I am with my purchase from your store.  I will highly recommend this gear bag to anyone looking to buy a great bag.

Take care and have a great day Ollie.

Jimmy (CA)

...there's the Trigonal Training Gear Bag...which now has a special niche for my stuff. The main things I first noticed was the heavy stitching and the heavier ballistic nylon...heavier than any of the bags I've used prior. There are three compartments: a small double-zippered pocket on the outside of the bag, the main compartment, and a zippered pocket on the inside of the main compartment.The small outside compartment is about 8" by 3". Not terribly large but good for a notepad and pen...or some of my smaller training knives. The main compartment can fit a day's worth of sticks and training blades and then some. This bag is an ideal bag for a weekend seminar. I carry sticks but also an array of aluminum training swords...some of which have some wicked handles and shapes. It seems that the heavier nylon had me in mind...and that the material will have the toughness to handle the weight and odd shapes.The inside zippered pocket makes up for the undersized outside pocket. I currently have eight of my favorite training knives in it. Although I will still need to see how it holds up over the test if time, I feel confident in its quality/construction. It is now in my top three favorite gear bags I've owned...and I've owned MANY over the years.

Jack Latorre (NY) PTK International

Ollie, you nailed it perfectly both with your stick case design and execution in production . It’s very robust, well built, well sized, sturdy, able to store everything I need to train wherever I train, including the two built-in zippered pockets for trainers and blades. It’s comfortable to carry and its strong strap will last my lifetime. Well done.

Dr. Mitch G. (CO)

Trigonal Gear Bag - Got it man! It's bad asssssss!

William R. (FL)

Fighter grip 2.0 delivers on what it promises, and I love it! It keeps my gloves organized and keeps them ventilated. The Velcro is top notch and provides a secure hold. There is no way that my gloves are getting loose from it. It's easy to clip to my bag and easily to hold by the loop. I also tend to attach the holder of my water bottle to the loop of the fighter grip. Multiple uses and versatility all around. I highly recommend it.

Jenilynn R. (IL)

Trigonal Gear Bag = Bull's-eye! Gold! 🎯 🥇

Chris C (FL)

Just got my bag, bad ass! Well made and tough! Great job Ollie!